printmaking with farrah curescu

we were thrilled when farrah reached out us two months ago wanting to be part of after trade and offer her skills as a printmaker — what a gift! she is the epitome of why we include businesses and collectives on our gratitudes page. These are organizations and people who offer their time and talent to help us tell this story better and spread the word farther.

these journals are so meaningful to us. there is something special, perhaps even sacred, to hold another's hard work, something crafted by their own hands, in your own. 

these journals come with a story: farrah's and our own, the hope of after trade. recipients of these journals will carry them into places that neither farrah, nor ourselves, will likely frequent. so you also have a unique opportunity to help us tell this story and spread the word.

farrah, thank you for the gift of your work. read her response to this work below:

As a printmaker and gardener living in the Chicago area, I felt immediately drawn to the connection Steven and Stephanie Berbec have to the land and to coffee. The process and passion it takes to grow plants from seeds and to watch them decay away as the season fades is what inspires my body of work as a printmaker. My prints most often have seeds on them which represent growth; other times, there are prints made from photogrammed plants I have grown or saved. I try to bring as much as possible of the tangible plant into my process as I rely less and less on actual drawings from imagination.

My approach to printing for After Trade was to think on what inspires me as a gardener and finding a connection to what inspires Steven and Stephanie on their journey. I've found once again that the power in the land through the growth of the plant itself and the seeds that connect to those in contact with it leaves us marked. Whether we are planting flowers or coffee, the growth and decay process is what influences printers like me, growers like the Berbecs and farmers around the world, and the consumers the coffee beans will eventually reach. As the land has a way of tying us all together, it has made for relationships that last through connecting with the earth and its continuous growth and decay cycle. It has given us something that we are forever drawn to as we investigate all it has to offer us.

farrah curescu