Friends, we look forward to the day, coming very soon, when our posts will no longer concern money and will instead be photographs and stories of the farmers and families we’re working alongside. 

But until then, financial support remains a present need. We are taking a step of faith in attempting to move to Tanzania without being fully funded. While we are preparing ourselves for this reality now as best we can, when given much thought, it is a terrifying endeavor. 

Behind-the-scenes over the next couple of days, a few people serving on the board of the organization we’re part of will be discussing our budget alongside a spreadsheet containing those who have pledged to become monthly supporters — essentially to determine if we’ll actually be able to make it in Tanzania. 

We urgently need to secure at least $435/month in pledges for monthly support. If you’ve expressed interest in becoming a monthly supporter but haven’t pledged, please prayerfully consider an amount and get in touch with us. You don’t have to start giving until January, but we need a pledge amount so that it may be included it in the spreadsheets our organization will be reviewing. 

If 10 people committed to give $45/month we would surpass this goal. You all have proved to us over and again that when a community of folks come together, much can be accomplished. We have no large organization such as a church, etc., supporting us. It’s just you all. A handful of incredible friends crazy enough to believe in us and this work, and we are completely humbled by your generosity.