Today we received a much anticipated package in the mail containing a limited run of After Trade Moleskine journals made by Chicago printmaker and friend farrah curescu. You may recall our announcement of teaming up with her two months ago as she wanted to offer her time and talent to help us raise awareness for coffee farmers and support for After Trade. We couldn’t be more excited to share them with you all. They’re beautiful!

We’ll be featuring farrah on our website within the next few days, where you’ll be able to read of her thought process in designing and making these journals, and see a few photographs of her work behind-the-scenes. 

At the beginning of the week, we shared a goal of being 75% funded, which is hopefully enough to help us cover our basic needs as we do the work of After Trade in Tanzania. This meant that we needed $435 in pledges for monthly support, a goal that could be surpassed if 10 people gave $45/month. 

Thanks to a couple of new supporters, our goal can now be met if just 8 people committed to giving $45/month. Since we have only a limited number of journals, we’re reserving a portion of them as a gift to those who help us meet this goal for monthly support, by committing to give at least $25/month or more. 

We’re down to two months before our move. We've cut our budget so much just to get there, that even our goal of only being 75% funded is a step of faith. But we need a handful of friends to help us make this possible. 

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