We are loving these journals made by the wonderful farrah curescu

And we are so overwhelmed with gratitude this morning, having been left speechless countless times within the last week, literally surprised by the support we’ve received. Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in us and this work. 

Because of your generosity, we are now only $230 away from being 75% funded! We need just 5 friends to commit to $45/month to help us meet this goal.

This amount has been only a goal we’ve hoped to achieve before leaving for Tanzania in 54 days. But a few days ago, it was actually voted a requirement by the board of the organization we’re part of. This means that our plane tickets are being purchased, but we will be unable to go without meeting this goal AND raising the total amount of our upfront moving costs (GoFundMe).

We will be mailing out journals and handwritten cards to those who’ve recently become monthly supporters. After these are sent, we’ll have about 18 journals left. A large portion of these will continue to be reserved for those who become monthly supporters and help us meet our goal of being at least 75% funded. 

But we have also decided to set aside 5-8 journals to be given as a gift to those who give a one-time donation in the amount of $25 or more on our GoFundMe. These are first come, first serve. Think Christmas gifts!

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