In exactly one month from today, we will be departing Philadelphia en route to our new home: Moshi, Tanzania. We’re feeling a lot in regard to our upcoming move. We’re a bit nervous at the unexpectedness of it all, but mostly excitement that we’re almost there.

At one time, we were content with plans to roast and serve coffee in our own café, but our faith pulled us further. The work of After Trade, simply stated, is about loving our neighbors. It is about the understanding that it is not okay for us to profit or otherwise benefit from violence. As we became aware that coffee farmers and families are hardly surviving, we could no longer consume coffee in quite the same way. So long as coffee remains readily available at any church, food establishment, or local mechanic, we’re not led to question what life is like for those who produced it. Perhaps there are some who can better pretend to not know, but we can’t. 

After Trade is about taking responsibility for what we know.  And we’re asking you to do the same: to believe with us that another way is possible; that farmers and families might not have to suffer in providing us with a cup of coffee. They, like any other human being, deserve access to basic necessities for survival and the means to send their children to school. 

We have just one month to raise $5,480 for our upfront moving costs and only $120 for monthly support, or we will not be able to leave for Tanzania next month. We desperately need the help of our community to make this possible. All donations are tax deductible.