Wendell Berry writes, “Charity is a theological virtue and is prompted, no doubt, by a theological emotion, but it is also a practical virtue because it must be practiced… Charity calls for the study of agriculture, soil husbandry, engineering, architecture, etc… How can you love your neighbor if you don’t know how to build or mend a fence, how to keep your filth out of his water supply and your poison out of his air… How can you be a neighbor without applying principle—without bringing virtue to a practical issue?”

In 28 days, we will be living at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Most of the coffee produced in Tanzania is grown on these slopes. 95% of it is produced by small farmers, who cultivate smaller than 5 acres each.

Tanzania is home to over 400,000 smallholder coffee farmers—most of which will not benefit from efforts such as Direct Trade, as they do not have the means necessary to reinvest into their farms to produce the high quality beans being demanded.

This region is prime for coffee but due to a number of factors including the poverty among farmers, exhausted land and non-sustainable farming methods, families are struggling to survive.

But it doesn’t have to be this way… 

Part of our work with After Trade will be helping farmers apply the principles of permaculture to their farms, a return to permanent (sustainable) agriculture, through which the health of the soil can be rehabilitated. In many ways, the health of the soil is a determining factor of the health of the crop, and further, the health of the farmer. If the soil is depleted, you can imagine how this effects both the harvest and the family.

We have 28 days(!!!) to raise the funds needed to get to Tanzania and start the work of After Trade. 

We have $5,180 left to raise to help us cover the costs of language school and our work permits. If we raise just $185 each day, over the next 28 days, we will meet this goal: www.gofundme.com/berbecstanzania

And we have $120/month left to raise for monthly support. If just 3 people commit to give $45/month, we will meet this goal: www.aftertrade.org

We need to meet both goals to be approved to fly out on January 19th. Please consider being part of this work!