We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. This may be the last Christmas we spend in the States for the next few years. We glanced at our calendar yesterday and couldn’t believe how quickly time has passed. 

We have just THREE WEEKS remaining before we leave for Tanzania. This also means we have only three weeks to raise $4,955 for our upfront moving costs, and a bit more monthly support. After Trade is a movement working from the ground up. We wouldn’t be this far without a handful of people believing in us and this work. 

A friend shared with us a proverb of sorts that it’s been said how you enter the new year determines how you will be in the year to follow. What better way to make this a reality than by closing out this year in the spirit of generosity. It is beautiful to see people give out of their abundance. But it is perhaps far more beautiful to see people give when their giving is a sacrifice. 

We have sold all of our belongings to move to a land where people have far less than we’ve ever had to experience. Our sacrifice is less evident in ridding ourselves of material things, and more visible in that we are giving our lives to this work and to the people it will affect. We see this not as a sacrifice of who we are, but a stepping into what it means to be human, to be in relationship, and to live intentionally and faithfully with one another and together on the land. 

But we can’t do this alone. And if you choose to get involved, it will also come at a cost. After Trade is a testament that even a small collective of people can make a difference in this world. Please consider getting involved to help us meet our goal and make the work of After Trade a reality.