Over the course of the last three months we've consumed a lot of coffee
Paired with good conversations on our hope for After Trade
and incredible friends who believe in it
and we'd like to extend the offer to you:

We'd love to meet you in-person
or via skype

If you are curious about After Trade, 
have questions, want to get involved, or
just want to say hello, lets have coffee

A huge part of our heart in After Trade is raising awareness about the reality of the farmers and families involved in the coffee industry whose only subsistence depend on coffee and yet are hardly surviving. We hope to join in this reality and work together for the sake of each person being able to thrive, not just survive. Part of our task is in sharing this story. 

*It may also be helpful to know that we do quite a bit of traveling along the East coast as we’re currently staying in NC, if you want to meet in-person.