Our friend Michelle is currently in Moshi, Tanzania and sent us this photo of the car we're in the process of purchasing. We were pretty excited to receive this photo, but we're even more excited to learn that the sellers (who are friends of friends) have decided to "hold" the car for us until we're able to raise the remaining funds needed to purchase it. For those who aren't aware, having an SUV of this sort is a necessity for the work we'll be doing in rural Tanzania. But purchasing a car there is extremely expensive considering everything has to be imported. We're trying to raise a portion of the funds needed so we can make this purchase, and we want to respect their willingness to hold the car by getting the funds to them as soon as possible. Every little bit helps! If you'd like to donate specifically to help us purchase this car, you can find info on our website for paypal, or donate via mail or in-person.