Our work with After Trade and EITanzania will primarily be on farms and in rural villages. Being far removed from town and unable to afford education, most of the people we will be engaging with on a day to day basis will know little, if any, English. Thus the nature of our work necessitates our knowing the language. For the area we're moving to, the common language spoken is Swahili. We're hoping to get started learning some basics of the language before we move. But once we're in Tanzania, learning the language will be our first priority. This is a three-week long intensive course that we hope to begin shortly after arriving. It's only offered five times a year. The next course begins on Aug. 4th and the one after that begins on Oct. 6th. We’ve raised enough funds to cover our cost of attendance, but we’re still in need of a few more monthly supporters before we’ll be approved to leave the country. Help us make it in time for one of these courses by partnering with us monthly

And for those interested, check out the language school we’ll be living at for our first three weeks in Tanzania: http://www.mstcdc.or.tz