It is amazing how much impact that even a small monthly donation can have:

We have friends giving $10/month which equals $120/year. 
For those giving $25/month are giving $300/year. 
For $50/month, this amounts to $600/year. 
And for those giving $100/month, this is $1,200/year.

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Our work with After Trade is rooted in a "theology of communitas" and if you've had a conversation with us, this terminology isn't new. Essentially, a theology of communitas reminds us of the cyclical nature of dependency: 

that we need each other to survive.

By "we" we mean the greater "we", namely, all of humanity. But on a small-scale, it is applicable here as well. We need each other. Your monthly support helps us meet our basic needs, so that in turn, we may work to meet the needs of others. In fact, if we really consider the implications of your donation, far from meeting our own basic needs, your donation directly affects the lives of coffee farmers and families. 
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Consider partnering with us in the form of monthly support!