Any attempt to describe our feelings yesterday fall short. It was a day, and we have many, when our prayers sound frustratingly desperate. And then so unexpectedly, we received a few more supporters. Just like that, we were moved to tears. We've never felt such gratitude as we have during these awkward months of fundraising. 

Most of our support is coming from those who, by society’s standard, should not be able to afford such contributions. Yet they are giving so generously and so sacrificially. These friends bear witness to the truth that followers of Jesus are followers of a different way. After Trade would be nothing without this community.

We are so grateful for everyone who believe in us and are helping us get to Tanzania. We've also added new faces to our Gratitudes page, so give it a look! And we are still in need of monthly supporters, so if you're interested in ways to get involved, this is where we could really use your help.