Pictured here is a '91 Toyota Landcruiser VX in Tanzania and we need about $5,000 more to be able to purchase it. It's a really great deal and is in good condition. It previously belonged to a missionary, a friend of friends, so it's even better that the seller is trustworthy. Having a truck of this sort is an absolute necessity for the work we'll be doing. We need something that can travel the rough roads throughout rural Tanzania, handle the slopes of Kilimanjaro to reach coffee farms, and not leave us stranded during the rainy season. We are really excited at the possibility of having this truck ready for us by the time we arrive. If anyone is interested in donating to help us secure this truck, let us know! Or visit our donate page for info on how to give. 

We're so grateful to those who have already given... without whom we wouldn't have a portion of the funds necessary to make this purchase. And to anyone who gives toward the remaining $5,000 — thank you so much!