we are certainly not materialists
but we did purchase furniture that in many ways was honoring of the craft and giftedness of its designer for the home we created together in Seattle.
not to mention the pieces we ourselves built
and i understand and agree with the notion of home is where you make it
that is, with or without possessions
but it would be foolish to say that the items we carefully and intentionally selected together did not in some way make our home

perhaps the sentiment is too much
but just today we sold our Poul Hundevad dining room table to a lovely couple, an art director and a producer, who appreciate such quality;
and a week and a half ago or so we shipped our leather Chesterfield sofa back to Seattle to its new owner, a dear friend;
and on Friday, we’re to meet up with the soon-to-be owners of our credenza and lamps; a young couple expecting a babe in November.

we’ve mentioned becoming less and less attached to these items
but as we prepare them for their new owners,
i can’t help but feel that these items and my feelings are somehow deserving of my sparing a few minutes for reflection and gratitude. 

fortunately we were away when the movers came for the sofa.
but not so today, as we helped this couple load what was our dining room table. 

so i’m feeling feelings…

Steven and I spent so much of our last three and a half years around that dining room table and on that sofa. Three years of what felt to be pure blood, sweat, and tears as we each pushed through school and figured out how we were to fit and be together in this marriage.
we were just newlyweds, you know
and we spent our first anniversary there, in Seattle.
don’t get me wrong, blood, sweat, and tears wasn’t always as painful as it sounds
quite the opposite, it takes hard work and much intentionality to love well and so we learned to love well, and it was good.
life in Seattle together was both the hardest and most rewarding thing we’ve accomplished to date.

there were also so many good people
many of whom graced our doorstep
and sat on our sofa and around our table
shared our meals
and became our friends
and a few more, as family.

now we are practically giving our belongings away
but not the memories nor the relationships that were formed while gathered on that sofa or around that table
and this season, like the last, will be one of the hardest and most rewarding. 

we are also approaching the one year mark of when we moved away from Seattle
that alone carries much weight and feelings
and ridding ourselves of belongings feels like more closure to our previous season of life.

Steven and I still have each other
so I guess what I’m trying to say is that we are grateful for the possessions that remind us of our home as we made it
but more importantly, we are grateful for our friends and family in Seattle who are part of the memories we hold
those that ever graced our doorstep
sat on our sofa with tea or coffee
or shared a meal with us around our table
and also for those who never made it to our space
but welcomed us into theirs.