Only 9 days remaining before we leave for Tanzania and $3,300 left to raise! 

Rollins did not want to participate in today’s photo unless it included a belly rub during the shoot or eating the coffee beans. But we wanted to share with everyone that this week he was approved to fly! This is a huge relief for us, as he is part of our family and we couldn’t imagine going to Tanzania without him. 

His sky kennel arrived on Wednesday, he visited the vet twice this week for a physical and shots, and they have overnighted his information to New York and we should receive his official health certificate any day now. We have to brag on our local vet here in North Carolina. They bent over backwards to accommodate with all the crazy things Tanzania required. 

We also learned that an import permit was required for Rollins to enter into the country, but this could only be obtained from Tanzania. The phone numbers and email addresses on the Tanzanian Embassy website were all invalid. We had to contact a local vet in Arusha to get her assistance with getting us this permit. She worked quickly, and we received it in record time on Friday. 

Please send all positive thoughts and prayers for little Rollins. We’re really nervous about him having to fly under the plane, and making our connecting flights.