We leave North Carolina exactly one week from today for Philadelphia. We will depart from Philadelphia for our move to Tanzania in 8 days. 

Things have been a bit slow the last few days on GoFundMe. With no donations in the last 3-4 days, we still have $3,300 left to raise. We are hoping to get closer to our goal during this final week. 

We’ve tried to be transparent throughout the course of our fundraising and preparing for our move. You may consider today’s photo as another glimpse into our life and process. Last night was the first time I (Stephanie) really cried, and still more tears have been shed today between the both of us. 

Don’t let our excitement fool you. This move is not easy. In fact, there are moments when it is completely terrifying, just the unexpectedness of it all. And we’re okay admitting these feelings because we realized a long time ago that life in Tanzania, away from friends and family, would never be easy. But we’d be foolish if we never allowed ourselves a few moments to feel the weight of this. 

So we’re just going to feel it today and that’s okay. Happy Sunday, friends!