A few months ago we befriended someone on Tumblr, who immediately recognized the hope in After Trade. His name is Chris. Working in the coffee industry himself, Chris has seen the ascetics of it all and understands that the industry tends to mask the harsh reality of farmers from the consumers. 

Today, we received a Christmas present from Chris: a textbook for our permaculture design certification course in Tanzania. This course will train us for sustainable farming in a Tanzanian context, invaluable for our work with After Trade. Knowing that Chris had a connection with Powell's we inquired about the possibility of us purchasing this expensive textbook with his discount. We never imagined his response would be that he would gift us this book and cover the costs of shipping because he wanted to support our work. His kindness brought tears to our eyes—what an intentional gift! A true gift is one that provokes us to thought and leads us to embrace more life. With this book there is promise to rehabilitate the exhausted land that farmers struggle to work with. This book gives us hope that one day these farmers will be able to cultivate sustainable livelihoods, not just for themselves, but for generations to come. 

Aside from Tumblr, and one phone conversation, we are essentially strangers to Chris. We've yet to meet in person, but are hopeful that we'll have this opportunity in the future. The kindness we've received from strangers has completely overwhelmed us. Thank you Chris and all who have continued to pour out their support for After Trade. Truly, you all are a gift to us. 

We have six days remaining and $2,855 left to raise.