With only two weeks remaining before our anticipated departure for Tanzania, we are starting a daily countdown. This is our final stretch for fundraising. We need $4,000 in 14 days or we'll be unable to leave. 

We haven't gone about fundraising in a traditional way of visiting and speaking at churches all over the southeast. It has been important to us from the beginning that the After Trade model is upheld even on this side of things. As we've said countless times, After Trade is about having intentional, genuine relationships with coffee farmers and families, and that starts here. Our supporters are just a handful of incredible folks that we know and have relationships with. Starting this work in a third world country is not as cheap as one may think. Truly, After Trade is working from the ground up. And you all are a testament that even a small collective of people can make a difference in this world. 

Please share our GoFundMe page and help us spread the word. And please consider donating. Every little bit helps. If you can give just $20, that helps tremendously. 

Thank you for believing in us and this work. We are so grateful.