We have 13 days remaining before our departure and $3,970 to be raised.

A book we've read recently on what it means to be present in the midst of violence highlights four models of engagement: working for, working with, being with, and being for.* Most forms of social engagement on behalf of justice involves our working for or being for. That is, we become aware of an injustice and usually from afar, we work for them or we vocalize our being for the oppressed. But the more radical forms of social engagement are working with and being with. And these latter models represent precisely our hope in the work of After Trade. Being with is not fundamentally about finding solutions, but about being in community amid struggle. Working with is about together finding concrete solutions and bringing change that is for the common good of all.

For us, it was not enough to simply be for justice on behalf of the oppressed within the coffee industry. It was not enough to only work with buyers and traders to promise higher wages. Justice, for us, has been a call to join—being with and working with farmers and families. 

If you believe in us and this sort of work, please consider making a donation to help us leave in 13 days and make After Trade a reality. 


*The book referenced above is: Living Without Enemies: Being Present in the Midst of Violence