In our most recent newsletter, we mentioned several big changes taking effect; most notably that we are moving forward with establishing After Trade as an NGO. In light of all these changes, we gave our website a much needed facelift:

  • We have a new WORKSHOPS section that was birthed from all that we’ve learned and been involved with over the course of the last year.
  • We also introduce our friend Taylor here, and the work she’ll be doing alongside us.
  • Scroll through our GRATITUDES to find some new faces whom we're incredibly grateful for.
  • And at the end of the site, we’ve added a PUBLICATIONS section where you’ll find an interview we did with Common Table Co. and two essays we’ve published with The Other Journal.

A couple more IMPORTANT things to note:

  • We are excited to announce that you can finally donate directly and securely without ever having to leave our website! Simply click to ‘give a one-time donation’ or to ‘become a monthly supporter’ from our DONATE page and within seconds you’ll either have made a donation or be set-up for recurring donations. (NOTE: for current supporters, EITanzania is still handling our donations while we process everything to establish After Trade as an NGO. For now, you don’t have to change anything about how you give, but may switch over to giving directly through our site at your leisure, or until further notice.)
  • In an effort to distinguish our personal accounts from the soon-to-be NGO, we’re excited to have partnered with Google Apps. For all After Trade inquiries or to just say hello, feel free to drop us a line —

Lastly, we are really grateful for the responses we received this week concerning our newsletter and the funds needed to establish After Trade as an NGO. In just one week, friends have given $1,300 toward the $4,000 we need. Friends, we can’t thank you enough. For those who haven’t read our latest newsletter, you can find it here.