Our friend Taylor’s most recent update on her GoFundMe talks about the wisdom she hopes to offer during her time in Tanzania. We live in a country that is very much dependent on the land, and yet people are becoming increasingly estranged from it. Many are suffering with both preventable and treatable sicknesses and diseases. Without having access to modern medication—which we’re all guilty of having become too dependent on—the fate of many is death. For those who do have access to modern medication, at the first onset of what appears to be a sickness, people immediately see a doctor and receive medication. Traditional wisdom on how the land can also heal us has been long forgotten. 

Steven and I have been attempting to learn as much as we can about the medicinal properties found in indigenous foods, herbs, and weeds here. Taylor will also be taking on this task. The native flora is different here than in the States, and so together we hope to track down some traditional, nearly forgotten uses of plants as medicine in this country. The salve pictured above is one that Taylor gifted us with prior to our move. It contains Neem, one of the indigenous trees here. And it’s good for healing skin irritations, cuts and burns, and the like.

Much like our work with After Trade, this sort of wisdom-sharing is less about introducing new information, and more about helping people remember and return to their ancient agrarian roots. We’ll be hosting workshops after Taylor arrives to share some practical ways that locals can once again heal themselves  of various ailments solely from all that the land offers. 

Taylor is currently about $290 away from being able to purchase her departure ticket to Tanzania. If you’re able to donate, we’d all be so grateful.