Today marks one month of our living in Tanzania, and we’ve yet to find a place to call home. The concept of home is very important to us and always has been. But now that we find ourselves in a foreign country, strangers in a new land, we feel that what we come to call home here will carry more meaning for us. One definition of home is a place where something (or in this case, someone) flourishes. And in many ways, the home is the place where one is able to become rooted in the community. Indeed, it is the locale within which one begins to put down roots.

We found a house today that feels like a place we’d like to call home. It’s small, cozy, and simple in the best way possible. The back of the property is like a permaculture oasis: a food forest producing herbs, bananas, avocados, papayas, coconuts, limes, mangos, passion fruit, etc. This home is already producing so much food. Not only will we not have to invest a lot of money in establishing a garden/food forest on the land, but it will also reduce how much outside food we’ll have to buy for ourselves.

We’ve talked with the owner and we’ll meet her on Friday to negotiate and maybe we’ll even sign a contract. The avocado pictured here is fruit from the garden. Here’s to hoping we’ve found our home.