Friends, meet our little home in Moshi! We’ve moved in and spent two nights here, but we are far from settled… We love it, but as living in Africa would have it, we’ve had so many issues already. Our first day in the home we had a flood in one of the rooms after a hard rain. This particular room had the ceiling repaired just days before, only to be ruined again. A fundi will be coming on Monday to see where it’s leaking and repair it. We have extremely low electricity at the moment. From what we’ve heard, it seems others are having similar issues. Our lights work, but we don’t have enough power to charge our laptops, run a fan, heat water for a shower, or run our refrigerator. In fact, due to our fridge being off the past two days, it’s completely hot inside and we’re currently unable to store any food. And lastly, our phones have very little service at our home and we aren’t able to access internet at all. We’re certain everything will work out and hopefully we’ll be back to posting regular updates soon!