Coffee growing among peppers — food forest style — and so many mchicha (amaranth) seeds, all from our land!


A quick update: we have been covered up in paperwork here trying to get everything in order for After Trade to be an NGO and so that we can get our resident permits. We’ve been in the process of building a team of incredible friends / locals to serve as board memembers with us, and we’re looking forward to introducing them to you all soon. We need to have everythingcompleted and sent off for final approval before March, however, this leaves just a short time to acquire the necessary funds.

Thanks to a few generous supporters we’re halfway to our goal of $4,000, with only $2,000 left to raise! If any friends or businesses want to help us move After Trade forward by investing in this hope for smallholder coffee farmers in the Kilimanjaro region, we’d be so grateful. We are also grateful to all who’ve helped us get this far and we could not be more excited for this year.

Every little bit helps. If you’d like to be part of this startup, send us an email: or visit: