We’ve just completed inventory on all the new seeds we received. Again, we’re so grateful to all who contributed. We are in the final stages of establishing After Trade as a legal entity here in Tanzania and beginning to see light at the end of a long tunnel. In many ways, our first year looked much different than we had anticipated, but perhaps it was so out of necessity. It gave us time to ease into life here, without imposing — imposing ourselves, our ideology, or prematurely imposing a work we believed to be a ‘good thing’ for this place. As difficult as our last year has been, I think it more readily prepared us for the work we hope to be part of here, than the years of research we put into it before coming. So with that, I want to acknowledge once more how grateful we are for those who stuck by us and continued to believe in us and this work, and lent much support. There’s absolutely no way we’d be at this point without those who were part of this last year with us. Of the handful of folks who supported us in the last year, only a few have ceased their financial support for one reason or another. All of whom we love and will be forever indebted to for their contributions in making this last season of our lives possible. We’ve been marked by your support of us in ways that we’re not yet able to put words to.

With that being said, however, it does raise an issue concerning our monthly support. This has been a pressing need throughout the last year, but one that we’ve managed to adapt to by our being able to live more simple and off the land. However, with the legalization of our work with After Trade, what has been enough to cover our basic living expenses and smaller projects will simply not be enough to continue our work here among coffee farmers as we grow. If you’re interested in being part of this, we would be incredibly grateful for any help in meeting this need. Send us an email, or visit aftertrade.org/donate for more info.