Today is a big day for After Trade: I’m hugging 10 copies of our official Memorandum and Articles of Association. It’s about to be legal in Tanzania, friends! 

After signing these with our local board members, they’ll be sent to Dar es Salaam to become officially registered. We’ve been told this will take one week, and we’ll then be able to finally apply for our resident and work permits. Regarding the latter, we are running out of time to apply and pay for our permits before our current visas expire. The cost has increased drastically so that we’re now having to pay a total of $3,000 ($1,500/each). We’ve got a fraction of this amount, but not enough to cover it. Getting ourselves and After Trade legal has been the source of much anxiety over the last year and has hindered us from really stepping into the work we came here to be part of. Completing this task, I imagine, will feel like a huge weight has been taken off our shoulders and we couldn’t be more excited. Starting this work from the ground up has been an arduous, but deeply rewarding journey. We’re grateful to those who’ve stuck by us this year, and continued to believe in us, this work, and the people it will affect. That being said, now that After Trade is nearly finalized, if anyone would like to give towards helping us become legal to live and work here, we’d be so grateful.